Tobias S. Haller, BSG, based on Nathanael Deward: St. Nicholas. He was born in Asia Minor, present-day Turkey, then part of the Roman Empire but Greek in culture. He was the only son of wealthy Christian parents and was very religious at any early age. Tonsured young and then ordained, he joined an early monastery where they lived in a few caves. After a few years he returned and was named Bishop of Myra. He attended the Council of Nicaea, was strongly against Arianism, and signed the Creed. After his death he was greatly esteemed for his intercessory power, and began to be called Nicholas the Wonderworker. Further legends grew, he was endowed with a penchant for secret gift-giving, and once he hit the capitalist paradise he turned into Santa Claus, made countless public appearances and scores of motion pictures, though after a century of cinema he has only won the Academy Award once – to Edmund Gwinn for “Miracle on 34th Street.”

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