Jake WorleyDeniedConsents.DioCaledonia.ACC.AMiA.LasCrucesNM

The Rev. Jake Worley has failed to gain consents to become Bishop of Caledonia in the Anglican Church of Canada. The House of Bishops of the Province of New Westminster and Yukon turned him down for poaching outside his diocese without episcopal consent when he started a church in Las Cruces, New Mexico which became affiliated with the Anglican Mission in America, a schismatic effort out of Rwanda, and which later joined the Anglican Church in North America, which is not a member of the Anglican Communion. Within the past five years he stated again that he would not respect diocesan boundaries, which is anathema to the ecclesiastical authority already in place – in this case, The Episcopal Church. It’s continuing fallout from the attempts of the so-called Global South to force a kind of Anglican fundamentalism on the rest of the Communion. Catholic Christianity has historically been plagued by renegade clergy who try to set up their own operations in defiance of the local bishop; Zimbabwe is a current example. Mr. Worley, an American, is likely to find he cannot advance his career in either Canada or the U.S., and parishes in the Diocese of Caledonia will also feel the sting; a new election must be held, and they will go without the bishop they hoped for. (Anglican Journal)

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