Jane Roe Recants in New Documentary.with Operation Rescue leader Robert Schenk L.Cameron Craig AP

A new documentary about Norma McKelvey, the woman known as “Jane Roe” who sued for U.S. abortion rights in the 1970s, but later switched sides and claimed to be an evangelical Christian, was on the payroll of Operation Rescue, a sometimes-violent anti-abortion group led by an Evangelical Methodist minister, Robert L. Schenck. Both McKelvey and Schenck admit to the scheme in the film “AKA Jane Roe.” Schenck has since left the anti-choice movement, saying he got too caught up in politics and tolerated illegal, unethical behavior within the organization, which was associated with numerous clinic bombings. McKelvey says in the film she was a Gay woman who gave up her longtime lover for the money. (Cameron Craig/AP)

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