Wooly Mammoths Trapped nr Mexico City.INAH

Archaeologists are investigating a big new find of wooly mammoth bones near Mexico City, with as many as 60 individuals trapped in the mud of an ancient, shallow lake bed at the end of the Pleistocene period 12,000 years ago. The woolies were related to Asian elephants and about the same size coexisted and interacted with humans, who depended on them for food and covering. The region is known for its wooly mammoth bones, with too many to count or excavate. The mammoths were herbivores and ate 350 pounds of vegetation a day, with food abundant by the lake. Scientists say the new find suggests the possibility that instead of hunters chasing the mammoths with spears, they may have tried to trap them in the mud. (National Institute of Anthropology & History, INAH)

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