Michaela Munyan.WXYZ Detroit

Michaela Munyan, a 9-year-old from suburban Detroit, is the chief executive and seamstress of the Friendly Chupacabra Face Covering Company, which has produced and given away more than 500 cloth masks to health care providers, friends, family and restaurant workers; business is booming but profits keep walking out the door and onto someone’s face. Last year she took a class in sewing, and this spring when she learned about the coronavirus and the U.S. mask shortage, she suggested that she could sew some for people who need them. Her mom found a pattern online, her dad helped her organize like a business owner, she made a few samples and suddenly everyone wanted one. She customizes fabrics for kids, offers pizza designs for her favorite restaurant, and has a growing product line; fans follow her on Facebook and she’s gotten so efficient she can now make 50 masks in 2 hours, a fraction of the time it used to take her to make just one. She has a signature on every product too: multicolored thread “adds a secret rainbow” to every mask she makes. (WXYZ Detroit)

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