Mecca Grand Mosque.Kaaba Disinfected 1000 vs 2.5 Mil.Amr Nabil AP

Workers disinfect the Kaaba, the holiest site in Islam, in Mecca’s Grand Mosque, where officials have just announced the rules for this year’s hajj pilgrimage. Only 1000 people will be allowed to attend instead of the usual 2.5 million; everyone must quarantine before and after, wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Sleeping tents will be appropriately spaced, and all in attendance must be resident in Saudi Arabia, with 300 spaces reserved for citizens and 700 for foreign Muslims. All will be health care workers, to honor them for their service during the pandeic. And no one may touch the Kaaba, the big black cube, which is treated as the metaphysical dwelling place of God. The hajj is scheduled for later this month. (Amr Nabil/AP)

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