Desert Monolith.UT Dept Public Safety

What is this thing? Where is it and how did it get there? Who put it there and why? Is it from outer space? – These are some of the questions people have asked about a “strange metal tower” (AP) recently discovered in an area of the Utah desert so remote that the only access is by helicopter, which is how it was discovered; you can’t even climb to the site on foot. But its origins are less mysterious than they seemed at first; it’s stainless steel and the rivets are hand-made. Someone put it there – most likely a sculptor in Albuquerque, New Mexico known for his monoliths. This one is triangular, 10 or 12 feet tall, pointed exactly at the crack between the rocks. What it means is anyone’s guess; the sculptor is dead, and employees of the gallery where his works were shown are divided on whether it’s even his. So back to how it was discovered: by state employees in a helicopter checking on the health and movements of a flock of bighorn sheep. They spotted the monolith, found a place to land and explored the place on foot. Maybe the artist said, “Let’s hide this in the remotest mountains we can find and see how long it takes for someone to find it.” How long it’s been there is a mystery; it may have been five years ago or fifty, but the artist suspected of installing it is dead. It isn’t going anywhere, and officials won’t identify the location because they don’t want climbers having to be rescued on the mountain. So there it stands and there it will stay; then again, it’s in Utah, so check your Book of Mormon. (Utah Department of Public Safety)

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