Navy WAVE & Codebreaker Turns 100.Vets Bkfst Club Pittsburgh

A U.S. Navy WAVE and codebreaker from World War II turns 100 today in Pittsburgh, and friends are giving her a parade outside her house. Julia Parsons used to hunt for German submarines when they would resurface to contact headquarters. She said the German High Command was so proud of its “unbreakable” Enigma code that it ignored all evidence to the contrary. Once she heard a U-boat commander say, “Every time I surface, within a half hour there’s an airplane overhead. I think they’re reading our code,” Parsons said. She dutifully sent a plane to his location. Her parade will be made up of veterans, current servicemembers, local police and firefighters, and then there’s a virtual 100th Birthday Party to which the public is invited. (Veterans Breakfast Club of Pittsburgh)

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