Bob Abernethy PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly.Art Selby NBC Universal 1961

Bob Abernethy has died, the creator and host of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly on U.S. public television – after he retired from 40 years at NBC News. His grandfather was the senior pastor of Calvary Baptist in Washington, whose congregation included President Warren Harding and the Chief Justice of the U.S. Bob Abernethy earned two degrees from Princeton University’s School of Public & International Affairs and went to work for NBC; much later he took a leave of absence from the network to earn a master’s in divinity from Yale. On “Religion & Ethics” he interviewed Desmond Tutu, President Jimmy Carter, evangelist Billy Graham, the Dalai Lama and the Chief Rabbi of London, probing their faith as well as their doubts with journalistic objectivity. He compiled interview transcripts in a 2007 book, “The Life of Meaning: Reflections on Faith, Doubt and the Repair of the World.” He was a member of the United Church of Christ when he wasn’t pounding that Underwood typewriter. (Art Selby/NBC Universal, 1961)

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