Haiti 1st Lady Martine Moïse Returns

The former First Lady of Haiti, Martine Moïse, returned home Saturday in a bulletproof vest, with her arm in a sling after being discharged from a Miami hospital. She was injured during the assassination 7 July of her husband Jovenal Moîse. The timing of her arrival by private jet came a few hours after the Core Group of diplomats from the U.S., UN, Canada, OAS and western European nations released a statement snubbing interim prime minister Claude Joseph in favor of Moïse’s handpicked successor Ariel Henry, whom they urged to form a government. Mme. Moïse’s return has caused some speculation that she may have political aspirations too; the situation is still too fluid in the wake of 18 suspects arrested and 3 killed, most of them former Colombian soldiers, whom a Haitian-American physician is accused of hiring as mercenaries to eliminate Moïse so the doctor could take over. (Haitian Communications Ministry)

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