StCatherine of Genoa Master of Frankfurt McNay Art Mus

Master of Frankfurt: Catherine of Genoa. She is mostly known in the Roman church for helping to develop the concept of purgatory. One of her most unusual experiences took place on a purely human level. She had tried to join a monastery at an early age but was rejected as too young, and before she turned the minimum age, her father the viceroy had married her off to an older man to settle a Montagues-and-Capuletts feud. She and her husband hated each other. He was openly hostile to her faith and personally abusive, so she turned her attention outward, to serve the world. t was a tme of multiple plagues and she took up ministering to the victms, devoting lots of time and money to their care, which her husband respected and eventually joined in with. By the time they gave up their home and moved into the hospital where they worked, they were inseparable. (McNay Art Museum)

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