Rastafari won’t cut his hair Nipah Dennis AP

A Rastafari student in Accra, Ghana was admitted to an elite public high school but told he had to cut his hair, which would violate his religion, so he has sued to force the school to accommodate his beliefs. Tyrone Iras Marhguy, 17, sued the Achimota School, founded by British missionaries nearly a century ago; alumni include four former presidents of Ghana and former presidents of Zimbabwe and Botswana. A judge ordeered the school to admit him, but Ghana’s attorney general has appealed the ruling. Ghana is majority-Christian and prides itself on religious tolerance, but Muslim students have complained that they are prevented from fasting during Ramadan. “Inter-religious tolerance in Ghana is very fragile,” said John Azumah, visiting professor of interfaith dialogue at Yale Divinity School and executive director of The Sanneh Institute at the University of Ghana. He told AP, “It looks like religious minorities have the heavier burden to sustain inter-religious tolerance. It has to be inter-religious tolerance on the terms of the Christian majority.” (Nipah Dennis/AP)

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