Martin Shkrely Banned for Life.Susan Walsh AP

Failed U.S. businessman Martin Shkrely, who outraged Americans by buying the rights to an exclusive lifesaving drug called Daraprim, then jacking up the price 5000%, has been barred for life from working in the pharmaceutical industry. He was convicted in 2017 of securities fraud and conspiracy, and sentenced to seven years in prison. The drug is used by cancer and AIDS patients to treat toxoplasmosis, a deadly parasitic infection. Shrkeli, the so-called “Pharmo Bro,” claimed that insurance companies would pay for it, so what’s the problem? The scandal reached into Congress and the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, with Hillary Clinton calling it price-gouging – but the last word belongs to Donald Trump, who called Shrkeli “a spoiled brat.” (Susan Walsh/AP, 2016)

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