Dmitry Muratov.Novaya Gazeta.23K Gold Medal.Eduardo Munoz Alvarez AP

Nobel Peace Prize-winning editor Dmitry Muratov decided to put his gold medal up for auction in New York to raise money for Ukrainian refugee children – and was astounded when the winning bid was announced at $103.5 million. The medal is 23-karat gold and the anonymous buyer paid UNICEF 100 million Swiss francs within minutes of the closing gavel. Muratov’s newspaper Bovaya Gazeta was Russia’s last independent medium and was shut down by Vladimir Putin in March when he invaded Ukraine. Muratov and colleague Maria Ressa of the Philippines were honored last October for their efforts to preserve free speech in their reespective countries. The gold in the medal is worth only $10,000, so Ukraine’s children have received an enormous gift. But why stop there? Muratov and his agents at Heritage Auctions reminded unsuccessful bidders they can still help Ukrainian children with a phone call or click, ’cause UNICEF’s right down the street. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP)

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