Shaye Moss.Shuran Huang NYT

The Select Committee on the Capitol Riots heard testimony Tuesday afternoon from the Secretaries of State of Arizona and Georgia, and the Chief Operating Officer in Georgia, about Donald Trump’s attempt to stay in power by substituting his own electors for those duly certified by the states. Today’s witnesses were some of the “good guys” in state and local election offices, and the stories they told were chilling. But then came a midlevel election worker in Atlanta named Shaye Moss, above, whose grandmother taught her how precious the right to vote is, as someone who didn’t have that right when she was born. Shaye Moss loved her job, after ten years’ experience helping people register and vote. Then the Trump-inspired conspiracy theorists came for her, and her mother, and her grandmother, who had strangers come to her door and barge in, looking for Shaye. Her testimony wasn’t just shocking, it was raw; she was emotional, but didn’t cry or stutter, even as her mother sat behind her. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of election workers at all levels in many states have been threatened and terrorized by extremist goons and thugs; maybe the message of the committee is getting through, that they’re not ju8st looking backwards at January 5, but the conspiracy and intimidation campaigns continue to this day, on into the midterms and beyond. (Shuran Huang/The New York Times)

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