Ken Jennings & the Rev David Sibley StPauls Walla Walla.Jeopardy! Prods

“What is Walla Walla?” the contestant asked (or answered, if you prefer). He should know; he’s the Rev. David Selby, rector of St. Paul’s, Walla Walla, Washington State, and this week he was the champion on the American game show “Jeopardy.” He posed on the set with host Ken Jennings, left, and said “buzzing in” and the pressure of the moment are the hardest things contestants face; from Jennings on down, the people are invariably kind, supportive and enthusiastic. Sibley doesn’t wear a collar onstage (and had to miss a Sunday sermon without telling the congregation why), and his profession is part of his on-air bio. (“Jeopardy!” Productions)

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