Petty Ofc 2nd Cl Thomas James.Colo Spgs.US Navy

Two heroes have emerged from the mass murder at Club Q in Colorado Springs on 19 November, both with military backgrounds; Rich Fierro is a retired Army officer who served four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and this active-duty sailor, Petty Officer 2nd Class Thomas James, seen here Sunday in his hospital room. Five people were killed at the LGBTQ bar and 19 were injured. James kicked away the shooter’s semi-automatic rifle, while Fierro beat the man with his own handgun. James said he “simply wanted to save the family that I found.” He issued a statement Sunday. “If I had my way, I would shield everyone I could from the nonsensical acts of hate in the world, but I am only one person. Thankfully, we are a family and family looks after one another.” He added, “Your family is out there. You are loved and valued. So when you come out of the closet, come out swinging.” (U.S. Navy)

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