Fair Food March 3.14.23 Pahokee FL.Rebecca Blackwell AP

Farmworkers in Florida began a five-day, 45-mile march on Tuesday from one of the poorest towns in the state to one of its richest, demanding that major grocers and fast-food corporations adopt the Fair Food Program to improve wages and working conditions. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Walmart and Whole Foods have joined the effort, but Wendy’s, Kroger and Publix have not. Marchers with the Coalition of Imokalee Workers started their march at a farmworkers camp in Pahokee, owned by an abusive farmer sentenced to 10 years in prison for confiscating the Mexican workers’ passports and threatening to deport them. From that poor community they’re headed to Palm Beach, the billionaire Nathan Peltz, chairman of Wendy’s, has a mansion near Donald Trump’s. If Walmart and Mickey D’s can prosper despite higher prices, so can other food giants; if unpicked, Immokalee’s tomatoes will rot in the fields. (Rebecca Blackwell/AP)

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