SK Pres Yoon Suk Yeol & JP PM Fumio Kishida.Mon in Mem of Korean Victims of A-bomb.Yuichi Yamazaki pool

The leaders of South Korea and Japan and their wives visited, laid flowers and prayed for peace Sunday at the Monument in Memory of Korean Victims of the A-bomb, a granite slab in a garden just off the Peace Park in Hiroshima, the first time a Korean leader has visited the memorial. Korean President Yoon Suk Yeon opened a new dialogue in March with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, hoping to that their historically icy relations, and Kishida has reciprocated as he sought to emphasize nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation while hosting the G7 conference. President Biden later joined them to discuss action steps to improve security and invited them to a joint summit in Washington. Some 20,000 Koreans died in the U.S. atomic bomb attack that ended Japan’s attempt to conquer Asia in World War II. (Yuichi Yamazaki, pool)

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