Jimmy Carter Blvd Norcross GA 5.23.23.Alex Slitz AP

Former President Jimmy Carter remains in home hospice care after three months, and his grandson Jason says he is aware of the tributes being accorded his achievements, including peace between Israel and Egypt. A former peanut farmer, Carter enjoys his favorite ice cream flavor (peanut butter and listens to news about the Carter Center, including its ongoing campaign to eradicate guinea worm in Africa. Millions have died from the deadly parasite, but last year there were fewer than two dozen cases. Otherwise the former president lives with his wife Rosalyn in the same one-story ranch house in Plains, Georgia they built when he first ran for the state legislature. Above: banners wave on Jimmy Carter Boulevard in thriving Norcross, Georgia, a former backwater north of Atlanta that’s become a commercial hub for a million residents. (Alex Stitz/AP)

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