The Daily Office East offers the Anglican services of Morning and Evening Prayer timed for the Eastern Hemisphere. Welcome!

We also have a Daily Office blog timed for the West; it’s here. We invite you to visit and subscribe to whichever site is timed correctly for where you find yourself, at home and as you travel. For our Spanish language site, go here.

The Daily Office is an ancient way to pray. It marks the passage of time by currently offering Morning and Evening Prayer as written in the Book of Common Prayer of The Episcopal Church, based in the United States. (You’ll notice the spellings are American.) Each service features psalms, one or two Bible readings and prayers.

VIDEO :How to Get Closer to God; Video about the work and people of The Daily Office
All about the work and people of The Daily Office; bringing you Evening and Morning Prayer. Video uploaded 5 December 2014.


This site is curated and maintained by Josh Thomas, a commissioned Evangelist in The Episcopal Church and the founder of the Daily Office Network. The Daily Office is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, USA; our Episcopal Visitor is the Rt. Rev. Catherine M. Waynick.

We actively seek to appoint a new, volunteer Vicar (or small group of volunteers) from the Asia-Pacific region. This position requires a consistent, daily commitment, but it is not difficult or time-consuming; we supply all files of Bible lessons and prayers, while the Vicar/curator chooses artwork and videos appropriate to the liturgical calendar. It’s fun and very rewarding, but you must be familiar with Anglican liturgy and the structure of Morning and Evening Prayer, and manage your time (less than an hour a day) appropriately. We very much desire more focus on the Churches, nations and peoples of Asia and the Pacific than we can supply from the United States. Please write to Josh at the address in the sidebar.

Welcome. May God bless you richly through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.++

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    • HELP! Just wondering…is the old format for Daily Office –with the tabs on the left side for morning, noon, and evening and th different days–gone for good? I don’t know where to ask this question. I so liked that format. Thank you.


      • Kayse, I’m afraid so. That was our main site, with very old technology, and it became completely nonfunctional about January 30. I miss it too, but work is progressing now on a new site that combines all our efforts and offers new features. Our blogs, like this one, offer e-mail subscriptions and are much better adapted to the many devices people are using to read the prayers.

        Josh Thomas

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    • Josh,
      There is a very beautiful photo of Notre Dame on your web site at the following page:
      Do you know who took that photo or where you got it?
      Thank you very much,


  1. Dear Brother Josh, Thanks a million times for these AM and PM prayers. I praise God for you and this most special ministry. Tonight I happened to continue reading clear through to your prayers for those of us who join by web, etc. Had somehow never noticed them before. They really spoke deeply into my very soul tonight, especially following the Lesson in the Evening Prayer. | May the God of Grace give you a wonderful Advent season. And know that this old Vietnam veteran will be faithfully holding his Blackberry. Doc+ OSB66

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    • Thanks, Doc. Please pass the word to any friends who might be interested.

      I’ll also forward this to our subdeacon Clint, a veteran like yourself. He just lost his best buddy from those days and it’s hitting him hard.


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  2. Thank you very much for providing this Asia Pacific service. I live in Australia and it is refreshing to get the service for the current date.
    God bless your work.


  3. Please check why I am not receiving this valuable morning and evening prayer. The last publication was the 19th March. I have found these liturgies so valuable and use them twice a day


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